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  • Bible Characters Who Went Through Hard Times...And What They Learned

    There's no doubt in anyone's mind we're living in uncertain times. Seniors and their families are facing the effects of the coronavirus outbreak in assisted living communities and across the world, and there are many unknowns associated with that.When we feel scared or uncertain, we can turn to Scripture and the Lord for guidance and strength. The Bible has several great examples of individuals who prove that you can go through difficult times and make it through to the other side wi...

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    5 Ways Seniors in Faith-Based Assisted Living Communities Can Deal With Stress

    Every April, the Stress Management Society supports Stress Awareness Month. The goal is to make people more aware of stress and the dangers it can bring as well as to provide some education about healthy ways to deal with stress.Unfortunately, stress isn't something that goes away when you retire. Even if you make the move into an assisted living community, thus reducing many of the daily stressors that can take up your time (and your money), you aren't 100% free of stress.

  • 5 Tips for Good Hand Hygiene in an Assisted Living Community

    With coronavirus headlines proliferating the news cycle, seniors and their family members have probably heard about the importance of good hand washing. But this seemingly easy task can be difficult to remember to do correctly, especially when you aren't used to incorporating it frequently during your day. And many people — of all ages — don't wash their hands long enough or correctly.And hand washing is important even when a virus isn't spreading.

  • Easter Story Lessons for Seniors to Remember This Year

    Many seniors living in faith-based assisted living communities are well-versed in Scripture and the stories of the Gospels. But many others are just learning some of these stories for the first time or have forgotten some of the stories over the years. No matter what your familiarity with the Bible is, Easter provides an amazing story that you can learn and relearn every year with new wonder.

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    Bible Verses Seniors Can Turn to in Times of Fear

    Fear is something that many people downplay or attempt to hide. They might feel like they're being silly or don't want to appear weak in front of others. But the truth is that fear is a natural part of being human, and if you don't have some capacity for being afraid, you can't adapt.

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