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Faith-Based Service for 60+ Years

Company History

Bethesda Senior Living Communities is a national faith-based, not-for-profit organization headquartered in Colorado Springs.

The company was founded in 1959, when the Rev. Charles Turner implemented his vision to establish a nursing home business with a two-fold purpose: to provide quality care for the elderly in his community and to generate revenues to bring hope to those living in poverty around the world. Revenue from the retirement communities could be used to support missionary endeavors.

From these early beginnings, the business expanded and eventually opened 34 communities in five states. When an opportunity to sell the communities presented itself in 1988, Bethesda was free to investigate new and creative ways to generate revenue and serve older adults.

Five new corporate divisions were established after the sale: Bethesda Ministries, Bethesda Associates, Bethesda Foundation, Bethesda Christian Broadcasting and Bethesda Real Estate Company. Soon after, One Child became a part of Bethesda Ministries, becoming the primary benevolence arm through which Bethesda was able to reach out to children in need around the world.

Today, the company still operates 25 senior communities across 22 campusesindependent living, assisted living and memory care—throughout five states. Although Bethesda Senior Living Communities has grown, it still maintains the values of its founding: faith, service, charity and a commitment to helping seniors.

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Read about our mission and our commitment to giving back as a not-for-profit organization. Our Social Accountability Report is also now available for viewing on the web. For information about our ministries, visit our Business for Benevolence sister website.

Discover the Intersection of Lifestyle and Service


The transition to independent, assisted living or memory care is no easy decision—for seniors or their families.

For seniors, we understand the concerns of giving up your home and the fear of losing autonomy. For families, we understand the concerns about safety and security, and the need for your loved one to be cared for physically, emotionally and spiritually.

Everyone at Bethesda Senior Living Communities is here to serve you as you navigate the decision. Our intimate communities are staffed with highly experienced, long-tenured teams of professionals who come to personally know our residents and their families. This sense of community and connectedness is what sets us apart. It means residents thrive in the company of others—while still having the privacy of their cozy apartments and autonomy to come and go as they are able.

As you prepare for the decision, call on us to help. Whether you have questions, or are looking for comfort with your decision.

We are here to serve.

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