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  • 9 Faith-Based Books and Movies to Enjoy in Your Senior Living Apartment

    For seniors of faith, inspirational books and movies can do more than entertain for several hours. They can be heartwarming supports for your own faith journey, spark interesting spiritual conversations with others and even help you grow in your own faith.But it's easy to overlook many of these books and movies, and you might have passed them up over the years. Perhaps you didn't have time to read or watch a lot of things on television.

  • Verses of Comfort for Seniors Embarking on Assisted Living

    Bethesda Senior Living Communities aim to make the transition into assisted living as smooth as possible, but we also understand this change can be challenging for some. The experienced, compassionate staff members at all our communities are available to offer support and comfort during this time.Seniors of faith can also find considerable comfort in Scripture to guide them as they enter this new phase of life. Jesus holds our hearts through challenging times, and moving into an assisted living ...

  • What Scripture Says About Aging in Grace & Wisdom

    Many adults struggle with the aging process, but growing older has numerous benefits. Each day, you wake up with more knowledge than you had yesterday. Your wisdom helps you connect with fellow seniors, but it also makes you an inspiration for younger generations.

  • Bible Verses Seniors Can Turn to When Making Big Life Decisions

    Retirement comes with a lot of potential perks. One of them is that you can take a break from making many decisions. From what to wear to the office to deciding whether you should talk to someone at work about an issue, you're off the hook from many of these types of details.

  • Bible Characters Who Went Through Hard Times...And What They Learned

    There's no doubt in anyone's mind we're living in uncertain times. Seniors and their families are facing the effects of the coronavirus outbreak in assisted living communities and across the world, and there are many unknowns associated with that.When we feel scared or uncertain, we can turn to Scripture and the Lord for guidance and strength. The Bible has several great examples of individuals who prove that you can go through difficult times and make it through to the other side wi...

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