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Why We Love Referrals

Like any business, we at Bethesda Senior Living Communities have to promote ourselves to let people know who we are, what makes us unique among assisted living organizations, and why we’re such good value for seniors and their loved ones.

Once people know about us, our communities and our approach to faith-based service speaks for itself, but getting the word out is important. There’s nothing wrong with traditional advertising, but we love getting referrals from health professionals, elder care experts and, most importantly, current residents and their loved ones.

“A referral from one of our residents or their loved one says we’re doing everything right,” said Angela Urbaczewski, Vice President of Sales & Marketing. “We talk about the importance of being a faith-based organization, and living by our SERVANT values, but when residents refer someone to us, it means we’re walking the walk. We’re serving our residents and providing them the active lifestyle and vibrant community they’re looking for.”

We’re serving our residents first and foremost, but we also serve their families and loved ones. Community is important to us, and we understand the value of family and friendship. We receive referrals regularly, but two stories in particular from our residents at Broadmoor Court really demonstrate what we’re striving for in our communities.

Jenny Paulson, Director of Sales & Marketing for Broadmoor Court, said, “One of our families recently moved Mom into Broadmoor Court. She was originally living with one of our competitors, but the family is saving $10 thousand a year with us.

“The daughter commented how we are wonderful, kind-hearted and take fantastic care of her mom,” Jenny continued. “The whole family said they are super happy with the care we provide, and recently sent us a referral who has moved in.”

She also recounted that they have a gentleman who moved into one of Broadmoor Court’s companion suite apartments. “The gentleman’s daughter loves us and has sent us several referrals who have come in for tours,” she said. “It means a lot that she’s spoken so highly of us, because that means we’re doing a good job.”

If you are thinking of moving into one of our communities, we hope you will call us and come in for a tour. But we also invite you to ask around, because we believe our reputation speaks for itself. As our residents and their families will attest, we’re known for providing loving communities with exciting amenities and a vibrant social life.

And if you’re in our extended family and know someone who might enjoy one of our apartments, contact us today.