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Why Choose a Faith-Based Assisted Living Community?

Choosing a senior living community is a big decision. You probably spent a lot of time considering your options, preferences and needs when you bought or moved into your current residence, and selecting a home for the next step in your retirement should come with equal consideration.

Some common considerations when selecting an assisted living community include:

  • Whether it meets your social needs with common areas, ability to have guests within your apartment and in areas such as the dining hall and scheduled activities
  • Whether it meets your medical needs with on-site and on-call staff that range from health aids to nurses and physical therapists to doctors and pharmacists
  • Whether you enjoy the ambience, both within the assisted living apartments and the overall complex

For people of faith, there is another consideration you might not have thought of: whether the assisted living community will support your continued spiritual growth. Here are four reasons to choose a faith-based senior living community.

1. You May Be More Comfortable Around People of Faith

Bethesda Senior Living Communities welcome people of all backgrounds and faiths, but it is true that we're a faith-based organization and that many faith-based people choose to work and live in our communities. That means you'll find people who can understand your commitment to God, whether it's staff members who also enjoy relationships with Christ or neighbors willing to debate the finer points of Scripture as you enjoy cold drinks in the outdoor gardens or sitting spaces.

Within a faith-based community, you can feel comfortable being yourself and holding on to spiritual traditions or commitments.

2. Spiritual Support From Staff and Residents

Spiritual support is important for people of all ages, and in a faith-based senior living community, you can find it in both formal and informal settings. When you're surrounded by others who share your faith, you can also share in prayer or ask for prayer and know that it's likely to be given. Many of the Bethesda Senior Living Communities also offer access to an on-site chaplain or pastor who can provide counseling on Biblical or spiritual matters when you have concerns and questions.

3. On-Site Religious Services and Studies

You may continue to attend regular worship services in your nearby home church even after moving to an assisted living community. But if that's no longer an option because the congregation meets too far away or you are dealing with health or mobility issues, you're still able to participate in corporate worship and fellowship right within your community. All of our Bethesda Senior Living Communities offer worship opportunities, regular devotionals and Bible studies, so you can choose which faith-based activities you want to take part in each week.

4. Staff Who Operate with a Mission of Servanthood

At Bethesda Senior Living Communities, we operate on a mission of servanthood, and our staff are happy to provide for the needs of others. The result is a welcoming, open and family-like atmosphere that positively impacts the time you spend in our assisted living communities.