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What It Means to Age in Place

A lot goes into the decision to move into a senior living community, both for their families and their loved ones. Your research should look at the types of amenities and activities offered, such as dining options, fitness classes and social outings. Two important considerations are the ability for seniors to “age in place” as they get older, and determining the right time to move into an assisted living community.

What is “aging in place”?

The CDC defines “aging in place” as the ability to live in one’s own home and community safely, independently and comfortably, regardless of age, income or ability level. As seniors age, they inevitably will need more assistance—perhaps with cleaning and transportation first, and eventually with daily tasks like bathing and getting dressed.

The older we get and the more care we need, the more disruptive such a move can be, which is why “aging in place” is so important. Staying in one place for as long as possible provides a sense of stability and security even as the body declines and daily routines are disrupted.

If a senior has lost a spouse, then moving into an assisted living community offers a measure of care and social life they need to remain physically and mentally well. If a couple moves into a community when one or both of them need care, then the opportunity is there to age in place without them having to be separated.

The choice for assisted living

At Bethesda Senior Living Communities, we’re here to help families weigh what’s best for their loved one. We strive to bring empathy to the discussion, to put ourselves in your shoes. Most of us have aging parents or grandparents, and many of us have been in your position, so we know it’s important that you decide what’s right for your unique family.

We’re committed to providing a warm, caring and active environment in all of our assisted living and memory care communities. We also offer a select number of independent living communities as well. Once they are settled, our residents have the ability to “age in place” so they can remain in our communities as their needs progress.

We have designed our assisted living services to give our residents maximum independence in a secure environment. Our residents enjoy private apartments where they can come and go as they please. Our caregivers, including trained nurses, are here for around-the-clock support according to what each resident needs.

How BSLC makes “aging in place” possible

Our goal is to make sure our residents live as actively and as independently as they are able, while enjoying the company of others and a wealth of social activities. From our culinary dining program to fitness classes to community gardening, our residents enjoy all the comforts of home—and in fact, they might live even richer lives because of the vibrant social environment of our assisted living communities.

When our residents first move in, we work with them to build an individual care plan to meet their needs, and we revisit the plan regularly, updating as their needs increase. Our trained team members are available 24 hours a day for everything from medication management to help with personal needs.

Best of all, our residents are able to stay in their same apartment. Their needs may change, but their living arrangement stays the same. It is this combination of autonomy for our residents and dedicated care from our team that make our communities so special.