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What Is Caregiving and How Does It Affect Me?

Caregiving is the act of assisting with the care and well-being of another person. Very often, unpaid caregivers are family members. They might have become the caregiver in an informal fashion as the person they are helping may have just slowly needed more and more assistance as time went on. Caregivers may be a spouse, adult children or relatives who have stepped in to provide a level of care that the person is unable to provide for themselves.

A number of tasks may be required of a caregiver such as meal preparation, bathing, giving medications, doctor appointments and housecleaning. Since a level of informality in the relationship can exist, sometimes a caregiver has forgotten about their own needs and has not really faced the long-term implications. A caregiver can become stressed and feel a bit overwhelmed if they are not getting adequate support. Caregiving is extremely challenging and sometimes the person finds it easier to not acknowledge the huge responsibilities that go along with the job. Please remember that there are many agencies and support groups out there to provide assistance.

Bethesda Senior Living Communities offer caregiving at various levels of support in multiple communities across the nation. Our caregivers are educated and trained with up-to-date information. We promote healthy, active living for our seniors and understand this life-changing transition can be scary. However, moving into an assisted living home is not the same as a nursing home. Please read our blog post about the differences to learn more. When you are ready to talk, our communities would love to hear from you. Contact your local community today!