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What Does the Bible Say About Being Far From Home?

It's wonderful when a retired person can find a senior living community they love right in their own neighborhood. It lets them stay in touch with family and friends, and they may even be able to continue worshiping at their local church, shopping at their favorite stores and making use of perks like their existing library card.

But that's not always possible. Unfortunately, not every neighborhood has an assisted living community, and seniors may find that they have to move farther than is comfortable to find a community that best meets their needs. While this move can be a grand adventure and the start of a wonderful new chapter in life, homesickness can be a burden even for seniors who stay positive.

During times of loneliness or homesickness, seniors can turn to the Scriptures, where God has a lot to say about being far from home.

The Israelites

Perhaps no one spends more time far from home than God's chosen people in the Old Testament. Enslaved in Egypt, wandering in the wilderness, held captive in Babylon — the story of the Israelites seems to be an ongoing saga of not being in their home land.

And yet no matter where they are, God speaks to them. He is with them, comforting them, protecting them and promising them a new day.

We're like those Israelites, wandering in the wilderness, far from home. Seniors can take heart as they spend time enjoying their assisted living communities that God is with them there. He speaks to them there, comforting them and providing spiritually for them. And he promises them a new day.


The story of Ruth involves loss of family and of home. She travels with Naomi to a land that is new to her, but instead of giving in to homesickness, Ruth takes action. She begins to take part in the customs and work of the new land and finds herself becoming part of a new family.

Seniors can look to Ruth as a role model for how to live far from home. There are plenty of ways to make a new home in an assisted living community, including joining in on social activities and being open to making new friends.

Loved ones who are supporting an older adult who is moving into a senior living community can take a page from Naomi. She supported Ruth in her work and in trying to fit into the new land. Consider encouraging your senior loved one in making new friends and taking part in scheduled activities. If possible, visit them and take part in some of these activities together to get them started.

The Apostles

Many of the followers of Jesus and those who converted later, such as Paul, traveled far from home to share the news of the Gospel. They found comfort in the message of Christ, the work they were doing and in befriending like-minded individuals in far away places.

Seniors who are looking for this type of comfort may find it at Bethesda Senior Living Communities. The faith-based communities allow seniors to continue worshiping and serving God while benefiting from active social lives and services.

 Homesickness isn't something that is magically cured, but finding comfort in faith and new friends is a great way to deal with it.