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What Does “Faith-Based Service” Really Mean?

Across all the Bethesda Senior Living Communities, one thing remains constant: our commitment to serving our residents. This dedication to service stems directly from our mission and our values as a faith-based nonprofit organization.

But what does “faith-based” service really mean?

For us, faith is about more than any particular religious tradition. We were founded with Christian principles in mind, but we respect everyone’s spiritual background and welcome residents from all walks of life. We know faith carries different meanings for different people, and we are here to help our residents on their own spiritual journeys.

“Faith-based service plays out in many different ways in our communities,” said Larry Smith, President of Bethesda Senior Living Communities. “But reducing it to the lowest common denominator means we serve God by serving others. Whether that means our residents, their family members, vendors or each other, we have Christ as our example.”

He continued, “Our core values spell out the word SERVANT: the ‘S’ says we strive to be Stewards of Life, serving in an unselfish, Christ-like manner. Every day, I approach both opportunities and challenges the same way, measuring my responses against our values, and I expect to be held accountable if I have been less than the SERVANT I have been called to be.”

Stories of Selfless Service
In addition to guiding our actions, our SERVANT values guide us in how we care for our residents every day. That’s because our firm belief in a higher power—and our commitment to serving a higher power—is greater than any one person. Our faith has called us into a life of service, and we seek to live the values of our faith as we care for our residents.

“As stewards, we strive to nourish both the body and soul, listening to every resident’s needs and preferences, and preparing the finest and freshest meals and homemade pastries,” said David Wells, Culinary Services Director at Grand Villa Assisted Living. “I speak with the residents and their families on a daily basis for their input: compliments and complaints! We hold monthly meetings to discuss menus, service and presentation, and we strive to exceed their expectations. My work enriches their lives and my own.”

Our team members constantly go above and beyond for our residents. For instance, one of our team members recently came in early to make special homemade cream puffs from scratch for the entire community. One of our chefs made a special anniversary dinner for a couple of our residents who have been married for more than 69 years. And an executive director regularly takes time out of his busy schedule to provide counseling and spiritual guidance for residents in need.

These are just a few examples of how our team members live a life of faith in service of our residents. Stories like these happen all the time—at all of our facilities.

A Commitment to Spiritual Health
We recognize that spiritual health is an important component of our residents’ overall health, so we do everything we can to ensure our residents are cared for, body and soul. Most of our communities have onsite chaplains, and all of our communities have easy access to several places of worship.

Keith Rohlack, Executive Director of Park Regency Loveland Assisted Living, said, “I get to align my personal faith with our daily goal of ‘Enriching Lives through Service.’ At times there are challenges to senior living, so having a foundation of our servant core values helps tremendously. Today at our community, you will see hugs, smiles, tears of joy and tears of sorrow. In the end, we are happy to serve others. It’s fulfilling!”