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Trusting God with Your Health

Psalm 9:10 says, "And those who know your name put their trust in you, for you, O Lord, have not forsaken those who seek you."

That trust in God is something seniors of faith may have worked on for decades, but it can also be something that is new to their lives. Either way, it's not always easy to submit our fears and worries to God and trust that he has a plan to work out all things for the best in the end. And that's especially true when it comes to health.

What Are Some Challenges in Trusting God With Your Health?

For some, trusting God in faith matters that can't be physically seen or felt is easier that trusting him fully when it comes to health. That may be in part because when we experience a health crisis, the results of it crash more than close to home; they're felt within our own bodies. Add to that the fact that we can take some actions ourselves to preserve health and prevent some issues — and rely on other humans such as doctors to do so as well — and it may seem like health is a matter of science and not faith.

Couple that with the fact that the world doesn't completely buy into faith over health, and it can seem like you're pressured to rely wholly on human interventions.

What Does Trusting God With Your Health Mean?

As with so much else in life, trusting God doesn't mean giving up your own responsibility in the matter. The Bible calls us to be good stewards of everything that God provides us, including our bodies. That means trusting that God has a plan but ensuring that you also have a plan to eat right, exercise and follow up with medical appointments and other health best practices.

Trusting God doesn't mean you can't seek help from doctors or other medical providers, either. You can know that God is sovereign and also believe that he chooses to act through other people.

How to Trust God With Your Health

Here are some tips for trusting God with your health.

Start by praying regularly and including concerns about your own health in those prayers. That doesn't necessarily mean praying for full healing or deliverance from pain, though there's nothing wrong with that. But you might also want to consider praying for comfort and peace no matter what God's plan is for you.

Pray and seek God's guidance about your health care decisions. One of the best ways to achieve peace in these scenarios is to know that you are following God's will in your life.

Ask God to bless your loved ones and friends through your struggle with health, whether they can take something positive from the situation or simply be given a peace about it.

These tips are good to put into practice whether you're dealing with a health crisis, the normal issues that come with age or have been lucky to experience optimal health even in retirement. Wherever you are physically, remember that God has a plan for you spiritually. He's not going to let your earthly body get in the way, and trusting in him with your health ensures that you don't either.