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Three Ways to Celebrate Earth Day

The annual Earth Day is coming up on April 22 when people around the world will celebrate our planet and its natural resources. At Bethesda Senior Living, we believe it’s important to be good stewards of the earth and to enjoy the natural world that we’ve been blessed with.

To help you reflect on our environment and enjoy green living, here are three activities we recommend on Earth Day – or any day.

1. Plant something.
Be it flowers or vegetables, in the ground or in a pot, perhaps nothing will make you feel more connected to the earth than getting your hands in the dirt to grow a plant.

In most parts of the country there is still time to get a few tomatoes in the ground. This gardening favorite does well in hot weather and full sun. If you don’t have a spot in the ground for a tomato plant your local home and garden center likely carries patio tomatoes which grow in pots on a sunny porch or patio.

Bonus points go to seniors who involve your grandchildren in the planting process to teach them how to work with Mother Nature.

2. Get outside.
Taking a walk is one of the most therapeutic activities a person—especially a senior—can do. Not only is it great exercise, but walking outdoors also provides plenty of sunshine and fresh air, which can help shake off any lingering winter blues.

In accordance with Earth Day, we recommend you get off the pavement and take a walk in your nearest park to really soak up the natural world.

Most of our senior living communities have tranquil grounds and easy access to local parks, so we will be encouraging our residents to enjoy the great outdoors on April 22 (and every day this spring, weather permitting).

3. Make crafts from recycling.
We all know the slogan “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle,” but there are more things you can do with your old cardboard and glass bottles than throw them in a recycling bin. The internet has an entire cottage industry of arts and crafts projects you can make with your recyclables.

For example, turn wine bottles into flower vases, or plastic bottles into a bird feeder. The crafting site FaveCrafts has compiled more than 1,000 projects from recycled materials as a book. A quick Google search of “recycled craft projects” turns up many more resources. These projects can help liven up your living space – and provide a fun way to pass the afternoon with a friend or family member.

So this Earth Day, get to crafting, get to walking, get to planting! In other words, get active and enjoy the world around you!

And if you are a senior interested in how you might enjoy green living in one of our communities, be sure to contact us today. Our residents’ beautiful space and living environments are important to us so that you can continue enjoying a full life.