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Three Ways Bethesda Makes an Impact

Bethesda Senior Living Communities (BSLC) is a faith-based nonprofit organization dedicated to serving our residents as well as the local communities where we operate. As a not-for-profit company, our structure gives us unique freedom to make an impact on our local communities and the world at large. Here are three aspects of our service that we are particularly proud of:

1. BSLC reinvests in our residents.

Because we are not a traditional corporation that owes profits to shareholders, we are able to reinvest our profits into our assisted living and memory care communities, allowing us to better serve our residents in need. From heart-healthy dining programs, to engaging activities such as art classes or museum visits, to upgraded community amenities such as complimentary Wi-Fi, the money we make goes back to serve our residents. We also provide a large amount of charitable care in the form of discounts and subsidized care. In 2016, BSLC provided $1.7 million in charitable care and another $5.4 million in Medicaid subsidies. These donations have made a big impact on seniors in need and their families.

2. BSLC invests in the communities where we live and work.

A strong sense of community is important to all of our team members. We live in the communities where we work, and we want our towns to thrive. BSLC operates 21 communities across 18 campuses in six states. Although they are all part of our larger organization, our local assisted living communities all have a strong degree of local control for local giving. Together, we gave $1.1 million in charitable donations in 2016 to organizations ranging from senior services organizations to food banks to animal shelters. Additionally, our team members invested hundreds of hours of time to support local efforts as volunteers.

3. BSLC helps children in need around the world.

Finally, BSLC has been on a global mission of service for nearly 60 years. We were founded on the values of faith, service, charity and a commitment to serving children in need around the world. In addition to our senior living communities, we accomplish this mission primarily through One Child Matters. One Child Matters is a child-sponsorship program that helps meet the physical and spiritual needs of 37,000 children in poverty-stricken areas around the world. Through Bethesda’s programs, children receive food, education, medical aid and hope in Jesus Christ. In 2016, the organization delivered more than $12 million in support for its programming. 

We feel blessed to serve these three pillars of our mission—our residents, our local communities and children around the world—and look forward to continuing our mission.