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Though The Transition Can Be Overwhelming, The Outcome Is Marvelous

Does This Sound Like Your Situation?

“Mom loves her home. I don’t want to make her move, but she’s just not safe there anymore.”

“My dad is so lonely. I get there to cook and run errands as often as I can. I feel like I need to quit my job and be with him nearly full-time, but even then I’d be torn between him and my three children’s activities.”

“They say they’re not ready to leave their home, but I worry about whether they’re eating right or taking their medicine on time.”

You Are Not Alone

The family discussion of moving mom or dad from their home of many years to assisted living can be gut-wrenchingly emotional. Every day we meet grown daughters and sons who tell us they struggle with knowing whether or not it is the right time to consider assisted living.

Home At Last

We understand the transition can be a difficult time. It can cause unwanted friction in the relationship between parent and child. However, we have also seen time after time the peace of mind it brings to both parties. Overcoming your parents’ resistance to leave their no-longer-safe home leads to the reward of knowing you did the right thing for mom or dad.

Hear from a parent who might be very much like your own. She hesitated at first, but now affectionately calls her new apartment “home”.


Why I Chose to Make a Bethesda Senior Living Community “Home” from Bethesda Senior Living on Vimeo.