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Serving in Faith: Using Your Golden Years for Good Works

One of the best benefits of settling into an assisted living community is that you free up so much of your time and energy for doing whatever you love. Major housekeeping and maintenance chores are handled for you, and you don't have to worry about preparing healthy meals either, as you can rely on the delicious fare of the community dining room.

For many seniors, this is a welcome respite from the hustle and bustle of life, but once they have a chance to rest, they realize they want to do something new with their time. At our Bethesda Senior Living Communities, social activities, classes and planned trips are all options. But many residents also choose to put some of their time toward good works. Here are just a few ways seniors throughout the country might consider serving in faith.

Become a Spiritual Teacher

If you've long had a heart for God and the study of his Word, consider putting that to work in teaching others. You might find out if any local congregations need volunteer Sunday school teachers and spend time preparing and presenting lessons to children or adults. You could also schedule a group Bible study with like-minded residents in your own assisted living community.

Make Something for Others

If you're crafty or artistic, use your skills to create items you can donate to charities or gift to others in love. Baby clothing, hats and blankets are often accepted by hospitals or missions, as are quilts, mittens or hats for children and adults. You can also turn any item into a service project for someone else by praying for the other person while you make it and letting them know you did so when you present the gift.

Provide Companionship to Others

Companionship can be an important service. Whether you know another senior who doesn't have the opportunities to be social that you do or a friend is struggling with a life decision or health issue, simply being there for them can make a huge difference. Seniors who feel up to the task might also volunteer with mental health or suicide prevention hot lines. These resources typically train volunteers and offer a chance to be present for strangers in need.

Small Acts of Kindness

Serving in faith never has to be big. God is constantly at work, handling small things and blessings that often go unnoticed in our daily lives. And we can follow his example by living out the fruits of the spirit and showing kindness and mercy to others. If you can drive and have a car, for example, you might offer a ride to someone else in the community, and if someone new moves in, make sure to invite them to join you for dinner or playing cards in one of the common spaces.