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Residents come together to inspire the community to think green!

As we wrap up our Hello Sunshine: Think Globally, Act Locally campaign to celebrate Earth Month and sustainability, we want to share one example of the many good things happening across Bethesda Senior Living Communities.

Our residents come from a generation where waste-not, want-not is how they live. Whether it’s composting egg shells and coffee grounds to enriching the soil with local flora, they know how to take care of our planet’s precious resources.

Community Planting Event

This month, our residents at Bethesda Gardens Frisco have potted a variety of succulents in organic soil to share the beauty of nature with our community. This small act of gardening with love is all part of our hope for a healthier future.

“We spent a pleasant afternoon potting the plants, and then we gave them to friends of our community around the area,” said Angela Taylor (Activities Director). “Everyone had a fantastic time. There’s something about working with your hands in soil that brightens your day and makes you feel alive.”

Other Sustainability Efforts

As part of Bethesda Senior Living Communities’ ongoing sustainability efforts, we have a number of other projects in the works, including:

·  Changing light fixtures to energy-efficient LEDs
·  Installing motion detectors on lights in common area restrooms and storage rooms
·  Improving weather stripping on exterior doors
·  Composting items from the kitchen in community gardens

Visit one of our communities to keep up with our residents and some of our other activities. Thank you for joining us in engaging our residents, celebrating the earth and building a sustainable future.