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Reasons Why You Should Leave the Office Early

Would you believe there was such a thing as “Leave the Office Early Day”? June 2 was officially Leave the Office Early Day in the United States. However, in a country that also recognizes “Fruitcake Toss Day” (Jan 3), “National Sea Monkey Day” (May 16), and “French Toast Day” (Nov 28), it may not be that surprising.

This “holiday” was created by Employee Productivity Specialist Laura Stack. In researching the American work week, Stack noted that Americans typically work 49 hours a week, adding up to 350 hours more a year than most Europeans. So, we work a little harder. Big deal.

Actually, it is a big deal.

Working longer is not necessarily synonymous with working harder, so even though we are spending more time at the office, we are not necessarily productive. And often, workers don’t want to be there—which is highly de-motivating and may result in working at a slower pace and getting less done. The result, in turn, is that we have to work even longer hours to make up for the lower productivity.

Stack developed Leave the Office Early Day as an incentive for employees to complete their tasks ahead of schedule to go home sooner. If they are making a conscious effort to increase efficiency and productivity, they’ll increase their potential and decrease the levels of idleness. Happy workers are more efficient workers, so allowing employees to go home once their work is complete, and demonstrating empathy to personal time, becomes a win-win situation for employees, managers and the company.

At Bethesda Senior Living, our mission is built around service for others. Our tasks don’t have a finishing point, but our team members are just as important as our residents.

We want to make sure our team feels comfortable and appreciated so they can focus positive energy on our residents. Even in a 24/7 business, part of supporting teammates in caring for our residents means helping support time off for family commitments, paid volunteer week, appointments and simply time to recharge. To foster this type of culture, we provide flexibility and accommodations as needed.

Our recommendations for taking advantage of Leave the Office Early Day (or leaving early any day) include:

  • A few days ahead of time, let the office know you plan to leave early
  • Swap your shift with a friend or colleague
  • Stagger your schedule with your team to make sure the work is still covered
  • Find a designated person who can answer any questions while you are away
  • Provide an automated Out of Office notice with a backup contact
  • Get your boss’ permission to leave once you’ve finished all your tasks for the day

Finally, enjoy your time off. You’ve earned it!