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Preparing for Advent in Your Assisted Living Apartment

Celebrations surrounding the holidays are in full swing around our Bethesda Senior Living Communities, and in the steady stream of activity, it can be difficult to quiet our hearts and focus on the One at the center of this season of celebration.

Preparing for Advent in your assisted living apartment can be accomplished through simple activities or small changes to your routine, but the rewards are much greater than the required effort.

These are just a few of the steps you can take to enhance your Advent experience this year.

Add Music

Worship naturally draws our thoughts to God and deepens our connection with Him. Create a customized playlist or CD to help you remain focused on the glory of the coming Christ and the honor it is to receive Him into our hearts. These songs can be listened to as a personal worship time either before or after study periods and can include your favorite hymns, Christmas carols or praise music.

Study Group

If you enjoy studying as a group, look around your community for an opportunity to share Advent with others in the body of Christ. By celebrating with other believers, you can hear their experiences and benefit from their knowledge while offering your own.

These members can also double as accountability partners if it's difficult for you to follow through with reading plans or maintain an activity schedule.

Leave a Legacy

Lead a group of your grandchildren in age-appropriate Advent readings, and show them that there is more to the season then the latest toys and holiday games. If distance makes it too difficult to meet with them in person, video chats or phone calls allow you to answer their questions and ensure they understand each lesson.

Another possibility is handwritten letters filled with your study notes and relevant stories of experiences from your life. This option doesn't allow for real-time interaction but it provides them with the ability to slowly read and study the messages you impart.

Personalize a Wreath

Make an Advent wreath into a craft project. Though there are battery-operated advent wreaths for sale in stores, add a deeper meaning to yours by fashioning it yourself. This can be done by using crafting wire or a foam base, artificial evergreen branches, floral picks and LED advent candles.

For something different, but just as fun to create, complete this paper Advent wreath as a personal craft or with a group of friends.

Imitate Christ

Jesus is our King; however, He taught and demonstrated a life of servanthood and humility throughout His ministry on earth. As you plan out your Advent activities, look for ways that you can honor Him by serving others.

 This might involve traditional means of giving your time by serving dinner to the homeless or visiting children in the hospital. While volunteers are often in short supply for these activities, if health makes it difficult to aid in typical ways, there are many other things you can do to reach out to others. Sending greeting cards to shut-ins and knitting or sewing winter hats and blankets for the less fortunate are just some ways you can help right from your assisted living apartment.