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Meet Frieda - Our Featured Green Thumb for Hello Sunshine: Think Globally, Act Locally.

As part of our ongoing Hello Sunshine: Think Globally, Act Locally campaign to celebrate Earth Month and sustainability, we’re excited to introduce you to Frieda Fureigh, one of our independent living residents.

Frieda is part of a small gardening club in our community and is excited every year to plant vegetables for the summer. The club started four years ago when several residents and our activities director, Nicole Fite, began looking into planting a garden. They procured funding from the local Rotary Club to build three raised beds.

The club plants a variety of vegetables, from tomatoes and potatoes to beans and cucumbers. “I’ve always had a garden,” she said, remembering how she and her husband used to grow their own veggies. In addition to the community garden, she is also passionate about her annual shamrock.

“My family is Irish, so I’ve always loved shamrocks,” she said, explaining that she identifies with the plant’s history. “St. Patrick used the shamrock to spread the gospel in Ireland. Its three leaves represent the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost of the Trinity.”

Sixty years ago, one of her friends visited Ireland and brought her back a shamrock as a gift. Frieda has been planting the same shamrock every year since then. “I have two varieties that go dormant in the winter,” she said, adding that every spring, she gathers the “corms”—which are like bulbs—and re-plants them so the shamrock will grow again.

All of us at BSLC love Frieda and are inspired by her dedication, allowing the shamrock to regenerate year after year. At 95, she says it was a different world when she first started with the shamrock. Then she shrugs and says, “Well, the world’s always changing. You move along with whatever advancements come.”

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