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Little Things That Show Adults in Assisted Living Communities You Appreciate Them

Perhaps it's someone's birthday or you just want to send a care package or gift to let an older adult know you're thinking of them. But what's the right type of gift for someone who has moved into an assisted living community?

The right gifts are always those that come from the heart, but there are definitely some things that might be more or less useful to residents in assisted living apartments. Check out our list below of some things you might send or give to show an older adult you're thinking of them.

1. Unique Sources of Light

Ambient lighting can help an older adult set an enjoyable mood in their apartment. A little light at night can also help reduce trips and falls without impeding restful sleep. If you're considering gifting a senior in an assisted living community a new light source, consider these tips.

Check before you send candles. Many assisted living communities, including those under the Bethesda Senior Living Communities umbrella, don't allow lit candles in resident apartments for safety reasons. Instead, consider LED candles.

Avoid lights that flash brightly, especially if you don't know if the older adult in question has a sensitivity to flashing lights. These types of lights can also make it difficult for seniors who are experiencing visual struggles.

Consider sending nightlights that plug in or can be recharged so your loved one doesn't have to worry with buying and installing batteries.

2. Curated Photo Books or Frames

Put together a book of photos to allow a far-away loved one to see what's going on in the kids' or grandkids' lives. Alternatively, invest in a digital frame or app that lets the senior in question get regularly updated uploads so they can follow along on family adventures and other events.

3. Slippers or Socks

Warm feet are something people of all ages can enjoy, and a new pair of cozy slippers or socks is a great way to get tangible proof someone is thinking of you. If you're purchasing these items for someone in an assisted living community, keep these tips in mind.

Shop for slippers and socks with nonslip soles.

Consider the person's health needs; diabetics, for instance, might appreciate socks without seams or pressure points.

Buy slippers with rubber soles that look nice enough that the older adult can feel comfortable stepping into the assisted living hallway or entertaining guest in their apartment while wearing them.

4. Time Spent With You or Others

Sometimes the best gift of all is the gift of your own time. Arrange to pick up your older adult loved one or friend and take them out to eat, to the movies or to visit a local museum. You might just sit with them in a park and enjoy a coffee. Whatever you do, if it's something you both enjoy together, it can be a sweet gift for you both.