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Lessons from the Beginning: Comfort from the Book of Genesis for Those Moving into an Assisted Living Community

The Bible is a great source of comfort for people at any age or crossroad of life. It's filled with stories of people living through every kind of struggle or decision you can imagine and what happens when those people turn to God for comfort and wisdom during such times. Even just the very beginning of the Bible — the book of Genesis — is rich with such narratives, and those stories of the early years of God's people can be a boon to people of faith who are considering later-life decisions such as moving into an assisted living community.

Here are three stories from Genesis to remember as you move into a new community and home.


Noah's decision to follow God's direction and build a giant boat probably wasn't a popular one. You can imagine him having to convince some of his family to go along with the plan, and ridicule from neighbors was probably one of the lesser issues he faced during the endeavor. But Noah was faithful and obedient, and God kept him safe and rewarded him with a covenant at the end of the journey.

Hopefully your move to an assisted living community is met with more support than Noah's building of the ark likely was. At Bethesda Senior Living Communities, we encourage families and friends to support loved ones as they make a move that enhances their safety and encourages a positive, active lifestyle. But no matter what reactions you experience from those around you, you can trust in two things when you choose one of our vibrant senior communities.

  • God goes with you, just as he went with Noah.
  • The staff at your new home are ready to welcome you and make you comfortable — take this post as your very own olive branch, confirming the safety of the ground ahead.

Abraham and Sarah

We can't talk about making a move in faith without bringing up Abraham. Genesis is full of times when God told Abraham to move and the man did so immediately. His reward for stepping out in faith was great, both in earthly and spiritual terms. One of those rewards was a son — Isaac — born to Sarah in her old age. The stories of Abraham and Sarah prove what the Lord's messenger will point out centuries later: nothing is impossible with God.

When you're considering a potential move to an assisted living community, do what Abraham did often. Consult God about it. Don't be afraid to ask God what his plan for you at this time of your life is and whether moving to a new home is part of that plan. And if you feel the answer is yes, consider acting as Abraham did: start the process sooner rather than later so you can experience the joys and blessings God may have in store for you.


Not every person in Genesis made an active choice to journey where God wanted them. Joseph, one of the 12 sons of Jacob, was sold into slavery by his brothers and carted off to Egypt. But it was God's plan, and everything that happened to Joseph ended up for God's glory, because not many years later, he saved all of Egypt — and all of his brothers — from famine. Ultimately, God worked through Joseph and the unwanted move to Egypt to protect the future of the 12 tribes of Israel and the line of Christ himself.

Perhaps a move to an assisted living community has become a necessary decision for you, but you aren't quite ready to accept it. As you move in, consider the story of Joseph and how God remained with him and prospered him in Egypt. God has a plan for you too, and he may intend to prosper you in your new home; be open to those changes and look for the good things in your new arrangement.