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‘Keep Connected’: Bethesda Celebrates Assisted Living Week

September 11-17 was National Assisted Living Week, an observance that goes back to 1995. This year’s theme, according to the National Center for Assisted Living, is “Keep Connected”—a chance for residents, their loved ones, assisted living caregivers and communities to learn about assisted living and how technology has changed the profession.

Over the last 10 to15 years, our world has seen amazing advancements in technology, from ubiquitous high-speed internet to the rise of social media. Thanks to smart phones, tablets and more, people are able to check in with each other and stay in contact over time and distance.

“The digital revolution has changed the nature of life in our assisted living communities,” said Larry Smith, President of Bethesda Senior Living Communities. “Technology affects everything from the way we approach care to the vibrant lifestyle our residents enjoy every day, helping them stay connected with their loved ones and each other.”

Not Your Grampa’s Nursing Home

You might have an image of old nursing homes where people are shut up in a room away from the world. This couldn’t be further from the truth in assisted living communities today. Assisted living is about receiving help with one’s day-to-day tasks, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up your autonomy—or your cell phone.

“At Bethesda, our residents are wired up and in touch with the world,” Smith said. “It’s really been fun to watch the digital transition, because our assisted living communities today are really stimulating environments.”

Our residents thrive by staying in contact with their loved ones over email and social media. Some of them use FaceTime or Skype to talk with people across the country, and thanks to access to the news and the wider world, they’re able to keep up with the latest advances in digital technology.

Keeping Pace with a Changing World

All of us at Bethesda want to foster a vibrant, active—and connected lifestyle—which is why all of our residents have access to high-speed Wi-Fi. Many of our communities have on-site computer centers for checking email and reading the news online. And of course, our friendly staff is always available to help out with a question.

Our residents have seen the world change time and again, so they know better than anyone else how the next big thing is right around the corner—and they’re excited to learn new things, catch up with old friends, and build new relationships in our communities—both with each other and with our teams.

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