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How Does a Faith-Based Assisted Living Community Support a Vibrant Lifestyle?

At Bethesda Senior Living Communities, we talk a lot about the vibrant lifestyle our residents can enjoy. But what does a vibrant lifestyle mean, exactly, and how do our faith-based communities support it? Find out more below to understand what it could mean for you.

What Is a Vibrant Lifestyle?

The dictionary defines vibrant as an adjective that describes something full of life or energy. Alternatively, it can mean something that is visually bright or striking, being vivid in nature.

A child's colorful drawing may be vibrant. It's full of different hues and might have a certain energy that makes you smile or brings joy to your soul.

And that's exactly what we mean when we talk about the vibrant lifestyle available at the communities under the Bethesda Senior Living Communities umbrella. They're bright and full of life — they provide energy and support for living a life that is also full of joy and brightness.

Vibrancy That Fits Your Individual Needs and Preferences

That doesn't mean every resident is a cheerleader or that you have to engage in a nonstop schedule that's packed with every activity on the books when you live within one of our communities.

One of the benefits of choosing a faith-based community is that part of our mission is to support and serve every individual. We know that God has a plan and design for each person, and that doesn't look the same as what he designed for their neighbor. The staff at all of our assisted living communities work to provide opportunities for a vibrant lifestyle, but each person chooses how to make that a reality for themselves.

What Are Some Opportunities Within the Assisted Living Communities?

We believe that active, energetic living at any age comes from taking holistic care of yourself. That means attending to your needs on all fronts — body, mind, and soul. Here are some ways the assisted living communities provide opportunities for doing so.

Caring for Your Body

Group exercise programs that let you have fun with other residents while putting muscle and joints to work appropriately for your age, mobility and personal health

Options for help managing medication regimes or chronic health conditions

On-site services that might include physical or occupational therapy, pharmacy and podiatry

Personal care plans as needed

Delicious, nutritious snacks and meals prepared by the staff

Caring for Your Mind

Ability to engage in scheduled activities designed to encourage fun and socialization while also promoting mental and cognitive wellness

Access to staff support for assistance or recommendations when you're struggling with mental health issues or are simply overwhelmed with life

A caring community environment that helps reduce isolation, which in turn can reduce depression and anxiety

The ability to converse, play games with and otherwise engage with other residents, all of which can help support cognitive functions such as critical thinking and memory

Caring for Your Soul

Scheduled Bible studies that let you delve into the Word with other believers

Devotions and worship services on site so you can attend corporate services without leaving the community if desired

On-site chaplains for one-on-one spiritual care

A faith-based community where many staff and residents may share some of your beliefs, making it easier to find friends and groups to discuss faith with

What If I'm Not a Joiner by Nature?

Whether you're socially anxious or your loved one doesn't like crowds or groups of people, there are still plenty of options for living a vibrant lifestyle within our assisted living communities.

While you're certainly welcome to join in on every activity scheduled on the community calendar while also creating some of your own with other residents, some people do prefer a quieter lifestyle. And quiet can still be vibrant!

The community calendars are designed to offer a wide variety of activity options, including boisterous games, quieter crafting sessions, scheduled visits to local attractions or shopping centers, and faith-based meetings. You can start out with any that appeal to you.

If you're not a joiner by nature but are interested in the activities, you might choose to start with one that doesn't have a lot of required group interaction, such as a crafting time or movie night.

You can also enjoy many of the amenities of your assisted living community on your own. Walks around gardens, sitting in outdoor gazebos, perusing on-site libraries or learning on community computers are just some of the individual pursuits that are available at many of our assisted living communities.

See What Vibrancy Means for Yourself

An active, vibrant lifestyle means something different for every person. Find out what it could mean for you by scheduling a visit with one of our assisted living communities. You can locate the communities nearest you or in desired cities by browsing our communities page, and you can find out more about our various levels of care, which include independent and assisted living, memory care, respite care and hospice.