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Grand Villa Grants $5000 to Local Non-profits

In April 2015, Grand Villa, an assisted living community of Bethesda Senior Living located in Grand Junction, Colorado, presented a total of $5000 to two companies in their local neighborhood to help support and expand their services. Giving back to the community is one way Grand Villa is living true to Bethesda’s core value of servanthood.

$2500 was given to Hope of the Grand Valley, a community provider focused on fostering and encouraging independence and self-sufficiency for low-income families. The company has said it will use the money to further develop programs such as budget coaching and interview and resumé preparation.

An additional $2500 was given to Hilltops Latimer House, a company dedicated to offering counseling, advocacy and shelter for adults and children who are survivors of domestic violence and sexual assault. The money donated here will be used to further explore counseling services.

Dani Wright, Marketing Director at Grand Villa explains, “We don’t want to reap the rewards and glorify ourselves, it’s about giving back. It’s not just about taking and taking; it’s about giving.”

Bethesda Senior Living Communities (BSLC) operates 19 non-profit communities in six states. BSLC’s mission is to serve seniors by enriching their physical, emotional and spiritual health in a nurturing environment. Each of the Bethesda Assisted Living Communities gives a benevolent donation to their respective community each year.

If you would like more information about Grand Villa, please call (970) 241-9706.

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