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Four Ways Seniors of Faith Can Make Easter Special in Assisted Living Communities

For Christians, there can be no holiday greater then Easter. Without the fulfillment of God's promises through the death and resurrection of Jesus, believers would never be able to receive forgiveness for their sins and experience a personal relationship with our heavenly Father.

To celebrate the joy of this season with the residents of Bethesda Senior Living Communities, we've created a list of four ways seniors of faith can make Easter special in an assisted living community.

1. Volunteering

Believers have been honoring Jesus's loving sacrifice for centuries by sharing that love with others. Seniors can help ensure Easter is a special day for those in need by preparing gift baskets and taking them to a local hospital, nursing home or women's shelter. This provides them the chance to surprise others with a holiday treat and spend time visiting and encouraging individuals who may be struggling with feeling lonely or forgotten.

2. Bible Study

Though anytime of the year is a good time to focus on learning more about the Bible and God, Easter serves as a great conversation starter for seniors who'd like to find interested members of their community to start a study group. These gatherings can be held in their apartments, in the common areas or on outdoor patios during nice weather.

Those who like to teach can create their own study plans according to their group's interests, and seniors who are uncertain how to proceed can use one of the many predesigned studies available through devotional books and the internet. Another option groups may enjoy is to simply select Scriptures to read aloud together and discuss them afterwards. These conversations can let members share their personal testimonies and insights that God has provided them throughout the years.

3. Movie Night

Whether seniors opt to watch their favorite film and meditate on supporting Scriptures by themselves or with friends and family, movies are a good way to boost understanding of the culture and events recorded in the Bible.

The Passion of the Christ, the Greatest Story Ever Told, Ben-Hur and the Gospel of John are just a few of the classics commonly watched around Easter. Seniors who want to include their young grandchildren may want to consider viewing the VeggieTales' An Easter Carol, which portrays the powerful message of Easter in an easier-to-understand format for kids, and the stop motion-animated film The Miracle Maker lets children see the life of Christ depicted through the eyes of the little girl Tamar.

4. Children's Ministry

Movies aren't the only way seniors can share their faith with the youth in their family. A fun, and tasty, activity that seniors can try with children is to make resurrection rolls as visual aids to the story of the empty tomb. Another great way is to create Resurrection Eggs for them to use in a countdown to the big day or in an Easter egg hunt.

If seniors don't have nearby grandchildren but would still like to share their faith with kids, they can look into volunteering as aides in the children's ministry classes in local churches or speak with food pantries and homeless shelters about helping with the children who receive assistance.