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Finding Common Ground to Make Spiritual Connections with Others

While moving into an assisted living community can be a huge change for older adults — and for their family members, who may worry about them — it can be an extremely positive change for those willing to embrace new opportunities. And for seniors of faith, choosing a community that supports and runs by similar values can pave the way for finding common ground to make spiritual connections with others.

We're proud that the communities under the Bethesda Senior Living Communities umbrella offer these benefits, and we want to encourage seniors to seek them out. Here are some ways you can discover this ground and support others spiritually as you make new friends of faith.

Choose the Right Assisted Living Community

One of the first steps with finding common spiritual ground with others later in life is being choosy about where you live and spend your time. Yes, Jesus might have called us to spread the Gospel to all areas of the world, but you can do that while also choosing a place for yourself that supports your own continued spiritual growth.

Consider looking for an assisted living community that operates on faith-based values, and ask about spiritual services. A community that offers devotional and worship options, Bible studies or an on-site chaplain can help you find this spiritual ground.

Take Part in Activities and Fellowship Opportunities


Once you decide where you will make a home, take part in opportunities there to meet others who are of like-minded faith. Participate in worship and devotional times, ask the staff if anyone has a formal Bible study going and join in on regular events to have fun with others. If Bible studies or other options aren't currently available, consider starting your own and inviting others to join you.

Explore Surrounding Communities

If you're able, branch out into the surrounding communities. Consider inviting new assisted living friends along as you explore the neighborhood. You can use this time as an enjoyable fellowship, or you can look for opportunities to find shared spiritual ground in the area. That might include looking for a church you can join or volunteer organizations that you can serve through. It might also involve simply being kind and supportive of people and businesses nearby.

Be Bold in Talking About Your Faith

Finally, be on the lookout for opportunities to share your faith in organic ways. You can't force a discussion about Jesus or the Bible on every situation — nor should you. But you can be open and honest about what you believe and share your testimony with others and listen to their stories as well. You can also offer to pray for someone, which can be an easy way to begin to develop a new covenant friendship.