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Faith-Based Films for Your Next Senior Living Community Movie Night

Movies are an amazing medium for conveying Biblical themes and life lessons. The right script, music, actors and settings can bring to life stories that inspire us with hope or challenge us with self-reflection.

Narrowing down which film to watch next can be daunting, so here are eight faith-based films you might consider for your next senior living community movie night. Whether you're watching alone or with a friend in your assisted living apartment or enjoying fellowship over a film in one of the Bethesda Senior Living Communities common spaces, these are great options.

1. Time Changer

This slightly sci-fi movie follows the story of a Bible professor from the year 1890 who travels through time to the modern day.

Despite its dialogue and acting being somewhat cheesy, Time Changer poses a powerful question to believers on what happens when we begin to water down our faith and challenges us to consider what foundation we are leaving the next generation.

2. Courageous

Courageous unflinchingly showcases the need for strong father-figures in children's lives and the lifelong impact that a father (or lack thereof) can have on them.

Though often considered a man's movie, its humor and heart-tugging message of faith and legacy make it a true movie night win for everyone.

3. Facing the Giants

Can faith move mountains?

The Sherwood Baptist Church believes it can, and they pulled their entire congregation together to create this delightful movie about a desperate coach and his losing high school football team. Filled with heart and humor, Facing the Giants presents an inspiring reminder that with God, all things are possible.

4. War Room

For the times that we feel helpless, War Room offers a moving reminder that the most important tool to create change in our lives and our families comes from prayer.

When Elizabeth's seemingly perfect life and marriage are falling apart, she meets Miss Clara. After seeing Miss Clara's "War Room" and receiving a challenge to create one of her own, Elizabeth discovers the power fervent, persistent prayer can have on her life and those around her.

5. A Perfect Stranger Series

What would it be like to talk face to face with Jesus and what would we ask Him?

Jefferson Moore brings an answer with his prayerfully created A Perfect Stranger series. Viewers get the chance over the course of three films (A Perfect Stranger, Another Perfect Stranger and Nikki and the Perfect Stranger) to meet the cynical lawyer Nikki and her disbelieving daughter Sarah and listen in on their life-changing conversations with Christ.

6. The Chronicles of Narnia

C.S. Lewis's classic tale and its sequels, Prince Caspian and The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, are the perfect trio for creating a sequence of dazzling movie nights with your senior community friends.

Your grandchildren may also love seeing the adventures of Peter, Susan, Edmund, Lucy and Aslan during visits to your assisted living apartment as much as you enjoy sharing the stories' timeless themes of love, courage, forgiveness and sacrifice with them.

7. Soul Surfer

With beautiful scenery and an uplifting message of courage and faith, Soul Surfer portrays the true story of Bethany Hamilton who, after suffering a terrible injury during a shark attack, went on to become a professional surfer.

Beloved by teen girls, this film's inspirational message to keep trusting God even in the face of hardship reaches beyond age and gender.

8. Something to Sing About

From Billy Graham's World Wide Pictures, Something to Sing About is a fun film about starting fresh and following God.

When Tommy's history as an ex-con threatens to derail his attempts to find a steady job and live a normal life, Memaw steps in to point him in the right direction. Tommy, with a gift for singing, starts to dream again after he meets Memaw's granddaughter Lily, but can he truly overcome his past?

Choose one of these faith-based films, gather friends from your assisted living community, fire up the popcorn and enjoy an enriching, fun movie night soon.