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Engaging in Non-Verbal Evangelism in Your Assisted Living Community

While not everyone who lives in the various Bethesda Senior Living Communities has the same faith background, many individuals do share a love of Christ and want to share the Gospel with others. But verbal evangelism simply isn't a method everyone is comfortable with — or gifted for. That's okay, because God provides many ways for individuals of any age to share Jesus with others. Here are a few non-verbal evangelism methods seniors can employ right in their assisted living community.


Writing was fundamental to sharing God's word even centuries before the apostles and their scribes penned epistles to the fledgling churches. Today, written word is a great way to share your testimony or the love of God with others if you're not comfortable or equipped to do so verbally. And you don't have to undertake a complete history a la Luke or even split spiritual heirs in philosophical texts like Paul. Simple acts such as words of kindness a closing that mentions Jesus or a meaningful Bible verse for the person or situation can all be ways to share Christ in writing.

Acts of Kindness

You don't have to approach people with Bible stories and mini sermons to spread the joy of Christ. If they know you are Christian and are acting out of the love of Jesus, then every kind act shows them your Savior. From smiling when you may not feel like it or holding doors for others participating in charity events or cooking dinner for someone, kind acts are a great, active way to share the gospel.


Hospitality is a spiritual gift that may at first appear like kind acts. And while being hospitable often does equate to being kind, this is a different way of sharing Christ with others. It's about being welcoming to all and making them feel welcome. Seniors with gifts of hospitality make a huge difference in all our communities as they bring joy and friendship to new residents. Some ways to show hospitality to others include providing information about activities or dining to new residents, inviting others to join in on activities and spending time with others to help decrease isolation in the community.


 Teaching is another spiritual gift, and though this does involve verbal communication of the gospel, it often feels different than preaching or sharing Jesus in daily conversation. If you enjoy learning about the Bible and sharing those facts with others, you might consider getting involved in teaching Bible studies within your assisted living community or at a local church. You don't even have to come up with the lessons on your own — you can find hundreds of interesting Bible study leader books online or in local bookstores to get you started.