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Celebrating National Grandparents Day

In the United States, the first Sunday after Labor Day is traditionally National Grandparents Day, a time to honor and celebrate the lives of the older generation and tap into the wisdom and heritage that our grandparents can provide.

At Bethesda Senior Living Communities, this day is particularly important because so many of our residents are grandparents, and we experience their wisdom, warmth and charm on a daily basis.

“Working with seniors is so much more than a profession. It’s a calling and a blessing to have our residents in our lives, which is why all of us at Bethesda approach our work humbly and with a mission of selfless service,” said Larry Smith, president of BSLC.

He went on, “I remember my own grandparents and the life lessons they taught me about service and community. The reason I am where I am today is because I was fortunate to have such wonderful influences in my early life.”

Grandparents Inspire Senior Care

Like Larry, so many of our team members across our communities got into senior care because of the example and inspiration they drew from their grandparents.

Katie Earnest, the new Executive Director of Bethesda Gardens Frisco, said, “My grandparents were such a positive influence during my childhood. They are the reason I got into a career in senior living, and I’m so proud to be working with amazing seniors every day.”

Angela Green, Vice President of Sales & Marketing for BSLC, remembers volunteering with older adults as a child. “My grandmother used to bring me to retirement communities to sing, a formative experience I bring to my job every day,” she said. “I’m grateful to my grandmother for demonstrating the importance of service.”

Cathy Macke, our Regional Director of Operations, explained her grandmother suffered from Alzheimer’s. “This was at a time when not as much was known about the causes and best treatments for Alzheimer’s and dementia,” she said.

“Today there is still no cure for Alzheimer’s, but treatments are much more sophisticated, enhancing quality of care. It makes me feel good to know I’m making a big difference for older adults like my grandmother.”

A Day to Say Thank You

Grandparents are a gift for many of us, which is why National Grandparents Day is such a special occasion. It gives us a time to remember our grandparents if they have passed on, or it is a day to call or visit them and say thank you.

At all of our Bethesda communities, we will be honoring our residents who are grandparents, and we encourage everyone to take a few minutes to acknowledge the wisdom and spirit of our forebears.