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Celebrate Labor Day Senior Style

Yesterday was Labor Day, the annual American holiday that transitions us out of summer vacation mode and back to the grindstone for the fall. While we’re partial to any holiday, Labor Day is fun because it doesn’t traditionally involve preparation – no turkeys to bake, no long-distance travel to plan, no fireworks or candy to buy.

Instead, it’s a day where working men and women can light up the grill, maybe take in a parade, or just kick their feet up and enjoy the most relaxing Monday of the year. As a holiday, according to the Department of Labor, Labor Day has been around since the 1880s, when it started as a municipal ordinance. Oregon was the first state to enact Labor Day into the state law in 1887.

Because Bethesda Senior Living Communities is headquartered in Colorado Springs, we were intrigued to learn that Colorado (along with Massachusetts, New Jersey and New York) was in the second wave of states to create the Labor Day holiday in the legislature. Today, of course, Labor Day is a nationwide holiday on the first Monday of September.

Because it means a day off, school children and people still in the work force might get the most enjoyment out of Labor Day, but retired seniors can enjoy the day as well – especially since it gives them a chance to reflect on the long vacation they’ve earned through many years of hard work.

In honor of our residents, here are three labor-free benefits to being a senior every Monday of the year:

1. Working Hard Translates to Hardly Working

The Bible teaches us that humans have been cursed with a lifetime of toil since Adam and Eve’s expulsion from Eden. You don’t have to be a believer to know life requires years and years of hard work. Fortunately for Americans, that hard work comes to an end with retirement, allowing seniors to spend their golden years enjoying family and friends and focusing on what truly matters in life, rather than the go-go rat race of labor.

2. Maintenance-Free Means More Free Time

When seniors move into one of our communities—be it for assisted living or one of our independent living apartments—they enjoy a maintenance-free lifestyle, trading in the lawn mower, rakes and leaf blowers for happy hours, fitness classes, and social activities with their friends. Because our assisted living communities offer apartment cleaning and dining services, our residents don’t have to concern themselves with daily chores.

3. Think “Want To” Rather Than “Have To”

Even though our residents are no longer in their careers, they still keep plenty busy. Our communities offer a full calendar of events, activities, outings and more. The key is that our residents participate in hobbies and activities because they “want to,” not because they “have to.” With luck, the rest of us have found careers with purpose so that every day is a “want to.” Otherwise, there’s Labor Day and retirement to look forward to.