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Being a Good Steward of Your Resources as a Senior

March is Asset Awareness Month, which is a great time for seniors to take stock of their resources and consider how they use them. The Bible calls us all to be good stewards of the resources God has entrusted to our care, and that call doesn't diminish for seniors who move into assisted living communities.

Here are three ways you can be a good steward while living in an assisted living community.

1. Manage Money Well

The first thing we usually think of when it comes to stewardship is money. God does call us to manage our money well and use it according to his will — after all, all things we receive ultimately come from God. That might mean using your retirement income as wisely as possible, saving some for a rainy day and tithing to a church, charity or other effort God has opened your heart to.

What good stewardship doesn't mean is always denying yourself. God wants us to live life abundantly (but in a way that is physically and spiritually healthy). Seniors, like people of all ages, should feel free to enjoy life. Luckily for those living in any of our Bethesda Senior Living Communities, activities, learning opportunities, outings and even meals are typically included, so you can enjoy a robust life while managing your money well.

2. Redeem Your Time Daily

Money isn't the only thing we are called to manage well. Time is as valuable — if not more so — as we have no way of increasing the amount we get every day. The Bible advises us to redeem our time well and to spend it doing the things God wills for us. If we follow God, then no minute can be wasted as we work through his plan.

That doesn't mean we have to hustle and bustle all day. Even Jesus took moments of rest and quiet reflection with God. The goal isn't to fill every minute with activity, but to manage time so that we feel we've done well at the end of the day but aren't making ourselves sick with exhaustion in the process.

3. Continue to Use Your Talents

Talents are another thing we should continue to use for God, even as we grow older. Whatever God has gifted you with through the years may be a grand addition to your senior living community, group of friends or family. Those things may or may not result in tangibles; they can range from the ability to laugh with friends to the talent of song or needlework. But whatever they are, you're never too old to listen to God and use your talents to show love, comfort or fellowship to others.