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Assisted Living Before You Really Need It

Families often ask us about the right time to move into an assisted living community. One scenario we occasionally see is an adult son or daughter will call up and say they’re looking for a place for Mom. Maybe she took a bad fall and needs rehabilitative care as well as ongoing assistance. Or maybe the child felt he or she could take care of Mom and reached a point where he or she didn’t feel this way any longer. Either way, everyone is stressed and moving in too big of a hurry.

The decision to move into assisted living is never easy, but it’s especially difficult to make under duress. Our best advice for families is to have open discussions and plan ahead so that when the time comes, you’ve done your research on assisted living communities in your neighborhood and are able to make a clear-headed decision. We welcome visits from prospective seniors and their families—even if you’re not in the market for assisted living yet.

But as you’re planning ahead, you might wonder why it’s worth moving into an assisted living community before you really need it. Every situation is different, but here are four reasons to consider moving into assisted living before you reach any type of a crisis point.

1. Get acclimated into your new community.

Moving into assisted living is a big change. The senior may be moving out of a home they’ve lived in for decades, and may have lots of stuff to sort through. Moving into an assisted living community on their own terms, and with a clear head, gives them a chance to get comfortable with their new surroundings—to meet their fellow residents, get to know the team, make new friends and enjoy this new chapter in life.

2. Enjoy active lifestyle.

Assisted living is far cry from the nursing homes of yesterday, and at Bethesda Senior Living Communities, we pride ourselves on offering an active lifestyle. Our residents keep a full calendar of activities, from fitness classes to community outings to social nights with their friends in the community. Even something as simple as dinner can be a fun social activity.

3. The cost of care stacks up.

You might think that with the house paid off, it makes good economic sense to put off the move to assisted living, but an apples to apples comparison shows it can often make good financial sense to sell the house and make the move. For instance, our communities are totally maintenance-free—no costs of lawn care, no spring pressure washing to procure, no new roofs to fund. Additionally, the cost of utilities, cable TV and Wi-Fi is included in our monthly fee, making our communities an excellent value. You can download our cost comparison calculator here to learn more.

4. Community helps seniors thrive.

Finally, one of the most important benefits to a senior living community is that we provide a social network that helps seniors thrive. Our friendly teams get to know our residents personally, and our residents love making new friends and meeting up for meals. This opportunity for company and fellowship helps stimulate the mind and keep the spirit young.