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7 Benefits of Assisted Living With Bethesda Senior Living Communities

According to the National Center for Assisted Living, there are more than 28,000 assisted living communities in the United States employing close to half a million people. If you're considering such a community for yourself or as the new home for an older loved one, you're certainly not alone. But we know that it's natural for families to worry about whether they're making the right choices. Is an assisted living community the right place for the next chapter in someone's life?

Check out some of the many benefits of assisted living with any of the Bethesda Senior Living Communities below. Then, call one of our communities and schedule a visit to see for yourself how right this lifestyle might be for you or someone you love.

1. Opportunities for social interactions

The Appalachian Agency for Senior Citizens notes that positive social interactions can support better physical and mental health, including reduced stress and depression and increased mobility.

Living alone in your own home can actually create barriers to regular social interaction. You might not see anyone else throughout the day, and engaging in social activities requires you to go somewhere or someone to come to you. If you're not driving anymore or simply don't feel up to getting out, you might opt not to be social.

An assisted living community provides daily opportunities for social activities, and all you have to do is walk or wheel down the hall. Each of the communities under our umbrella publishes an activity calendar filled with events, so you can pick those that you might enjoy. You can also make friends within the community and simply enjoy time in common spaces sharing coffee, playing cards or chatting.

2. Reduces the burden of home maintenance

When you move into an assisted living community, you pass on most of your home maintenance tasks to the staff. Assisted living personnel keep up exterior gardens and lawns, ensure common areas are clean and well-kept, wash the windows and ensure other repairs and cleaning are handled. In some cases, you might even be able to take advantage of housekeeping and laundry services, freeing up your time to enjoy your retirement.

3. Caring support staff on hand

Assisted living allows you to enjoy life privately and independently as much as you want and are able to. But no matter what that looks like for you, caring support staff are on hand to help with activities of daily living, emergencies or just the occasional odd request. Having someone on standby when you need them helps you relax and can reduce stressors related to security or living independently despite some health concerns.

4. Access to activity, entertainment and learning opportunities

At Bethesda Senior Living Communities, we embrace the concept that life doesn't stop when you move into an assisted living community. You simply start a new and hopefully vibrant chapter. Which is why we provide plenty of opportunities for you to live your best life. Some options you might find in our communities include exercise and fitness programs, computer rooms and libraries for learning and entertainment, art or cooking classes and even cultural outings so you can explore museums or other nearby attractions.

5. Help managing chronic illnesses or general health

Health is a complex topic no matter how old you are, and partnering with caring providers is one of the best ways you can manage yours. Assisted living communities typically provide support with management of medication, chronic health concerns, diet and exercise. You might also be able to access mental health and physical therapy staff on site to help you stay as healthy as possible in all senses of the word.

6. Reduced costs over skilled nursing settings

According to a Genworth survey, the median national cost for assisted living is $4,051 per month. Compare that to $7,513 for a semi-private room in a nursing home or $8,517 for a private room in a nursing home.

Obviously assisted living community costs vary by location and the type of amenities and rooms provided. But they're generally less expensive than costs associated with a nursing home. And since many older adults don't need skilled nursing services and can live enjoyably on their own with some support, it makes sense to choose a care level that supports them appropriately.

7. Faith-based activities and support

Bethesda Senior Living Communities is a faith-based organization, and all of the communities under our umbrella support seniors of faith in continuing their journey with Jesus. While faith isn't a requirement for becoming a resident of our communities, seniors who are interested in learning more or continuing their faith walk will find benefits such as on-site devotionals, worship opportunities and Bible studies. We also have chaplains that can talk to seniors as needed and many locations plan outings to local churches when they can.