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5 Faith-Based Books to Fill the Summer Hours

During these hot summer months, there’s nothing cooler than finding a comfy spot indoors or a shady, breezy outside hideaway on the grounds of your senior living community where you can enjoy some downtime with a great book. This summer, use this list of great faith-based reads to while away the hours and draw even closer to God.

1: The Man in the Mirror: Solving 24 Problems Men Face, by Patrick Morley

While it’s hard to believe that this title is actually nearly 30 years old, the problems men face have remained consistent over time, which is why this title has hit the bestseller list more than a dozen times. While the audience for Morley’s masterpiece is clearly men, this can also be an informative read for women looking to support the men in their lives or come to a better understanding of the issues with which they grapple. Written with a firm Christian foundation, this book is equally poignant and lesson-filled for men of all ages.

2: Anxious for Nothing: Finding Calm in a Chaotic World, by Max Lucado

One of Texas minister and prolific author Max Lucado’s latest titles tackles anxiety head-on: the anxiety epidemic that’s sweeping America. With a gentle reminder to turn to Philippians 4:6-7 (“Do not be anxious about anything…”), Lucado goes on to provide practical advice for accepting that anxiety is a normal component of our lives, surviving anxiety in a chaotic world and relying on the Holy Spirit's peace through it all.

Lucado’s book is an excellent choice for anyone seeking peace, but might be a great read if you’re transitioning into an assisted living community and nervous about the changes in your life.

3: Battlefield of the Mind: Winning the Battle in Your Mind, by Joyce Meyer

Originally released a decade ago, Meyer's quintessential title has now been re-released to help even more Christians in their battle against negativity. One of Meyer’s best qualities as an author is unashamedly sharing stories from her own life, which she freely admits has been far from perfect. In this title, she again invites readers into her own experiences, which many will find to be applicable to their own lives.

4: Prayer, the Great Adventure, by Dr. David Jeremiah

Whether you’ve been a prayer warrior for decades or are still trying to find your footing in communicating with God, Dr. Jeremiah has provided a road map to use for your own personal prayer journey. From finding the time for prayer to knowing what to say and how to say it — and realizing that God does know what’s in your heart — this California-based pastor, radio show host and author continues to trend in the charts with this title. If one of your summer goals is to better yourself through prayer, this is a must-read.

5: What’s So Amazing About Grace, by Philip Yancy

An instant classic upon publication over two decades ago, Yancy confronts the age-old question about what sets the Christian church apart from other faiths: the confoundingly mysterious concept of grace. Christians already know that they're the undeserving recipients of God’s unending grace, but how can they show grace to others in a modern world fraught with difficulties and paradoxes our Biblical forebears never could have imagined? Yancy tackles this and more in a book that will leave you more secure in your faith and challenged to live your best grace-filled life.

Now that your summer reading list is set, find these titles at local libraries or book stores, via your assisted living community’s borrowing library or through online sites, and read your way through the hottest months of the year.