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4 Ways to Practice Your Faith in Your Assisted Living Community

For seniors contemplating the move to an assisted living community, faith may be a huge factor in the ultimate choice. For older adults who have practiced the same faith almost their entire lives, moving into an environment that is supportive of those faith practices can be critical. For adults who have more recently come into their faith, surroundings and neighbors that are supportive can be even more important, as they may be looking for fellowship and spiritual leadership.

It's important to know that a move to a senior living community is just one of the steps on your faith journey, and your new home doesn't have to be an obstacle for spiritual growth. In fact, when you choose any of the Bethesda Senior Living Communities, you're choosing a faith-based assisted living community that offers many options for spiritual growth in senior years.

Here are just some of the ways you can continue practicing your faith in our assisted living communities.

1. Attend On-Site Worship and Devotional Services

Many of the Bethesda Senior Living Communities offer worship opportunities on site. From traditional services to evening devotionals, seniors can attend these times to learn more about their faith, fellowship with like-minded believers and grow spiritually with others.

2. Take Part in Scripture and Bible Studies

Many of the communities have officially scheduled Bible study, but residents also work together to form groups to discuss theology and the Bible. Seniors of all backgrounds can join in on these groups to learn more about the Bible and make new friends. Some of our communities have on-site libraries where you can find faith-based books for reading groups or to learn on your own, as well.

3. Speak to On-Site Chaplains

Every Bethesda Senior Living Community features the services of an on-site chaplain. Whether you're new to your faith, struggling with a specific spiritual question or just need someone to talk to about your faith, these professionals are available to you. Don't be afraid to reach out to them or ask other staff members about the availability of a chaplain.

4. Continue Attending Local Church Services

Finally, don't forget that moving into an assisted living community doesn't mean you have to give up all contact to the outside world. If you choose a community that's in your neighborhood, you may be able to continue attending and serving in a church where you're already comfortable. Even if you move to a new city for your retirement, you may be able to find a local church to worship in if being part of a congregation is important to you.