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4 Ways to Enhance Your Prayer Life in a Senior Living Community

1 John 5:14 tells us that we have a special confidence in God: "That if we ask anything according to his will, he hears us."

But it's one thing to know in our minds what the Bible says about prayer and another thing to make prayer a daily habit of our soul and heart. When you have a healthy prayer life, you often are able to grow closer to God and experience the peace he offers that passes all understanding. Here are some ways to enhance your prayer life as you enjoy time in your assisted living community.

1. Make Time for Prayer Daily

If we value something, such as a regular, personal connection with God, it's a good idea to set aside time in our day specifically for that thing. Even if you're retired, daily life can become hectic, with morning rolling into evening almost before you know it. That's especially true if you're active within your assisted living community. Setting aside a time for prayer helps you safeguard that special time with God.

Many people like to engage in morning devotionals and prayers before the day fully begins. That way, they are less likely to get caught up in activities and forget devotional time. Plus, beginning the day with prayer can be a great way to start off on a positive, calm and spiritually strong foundation.

That being said, mornings aren't the best time for everyone. Choose a time in your day that works well for your own personality and your schedule. Try to pick a time that's easy to devote to prayer and doesn't coincide with other scheduling obligations. If you change your dedicated prayer time from day to day, it's harder to cement the habit.

2. Pray Spontaneously and Consistently Through the Day

Setting aside a specific time for focused prayer doesn't mean you can't pray throughout the day. Start making a point to pray spontaneously about little things throughout the day, if you don't already. When you walk to the dining or activity areas, say a short prayer for your assisted living community neighbors as you pass their door.

Pray for staff members as you see them throughout the day, or choose something you mean to hold up in prayer — such as a personal worry or one of your family members — each day and a trigger to remind you to pray it. For example, you might decide to pray for a specific granddaughter each time you see something purple that day. By switching up the focus of your spontaneous prayer, you're able to blanket many people or concerns in prayer over the course of a week.

3. Join Group Prayer Opportunities

Corporate prayer is a great way to strengthen your own prayer life while fellowshipping with like-minded people of faith. Ask about prayer groups in your assisted living community or join in on worship times to participate in group prayer. Other ways to integrate prayer life and community include creating or joining a prayer tree or email chain for the community, where you can learn about opportunities to pray for your neighbors.

4. Study the Scriptures to Learn More About Prayer

No matter how long your prayer life has been, there's always something to learn about God and your relationship with him. Regularly studying and praying Scriptures is one way to do that. Our Bethesda Senior Living Communities often offer worship and Bible study options on site, and you can also venture into the local community to find opportunities with nearby churches. Private study in your own assisted living apartment — or discussions with friends over hot beverages — are also great options.