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10 Easter Hymns to Sing in Your Assisted Living Community

Believers experience many emotions during this season, such as anticipation during Palm Sunday celebrations, solemn grief and repentance on Good Friday and joy and thanksgiving on Easter morning.

Music and songs present a uniquely universal and powerful outlet for seniors of faith to express these feelings in private moments in their apartments and in group worship services with others in their senior living communities and local churches.

Classics such as Amazing Grace, The Old Rugged Cross and How Great Thou Art are among the top song choices for many during these times of praise and prayer.

Seniors looking to share their hearts through song may also want to consider singing these 10 Easter hymns in their assisted living community today.

1. Crown Him With Many Crowns

Written by Matthew Bridges and Godfrey Thring in the 1850s, this beloved song has helped inspire generations of believers to live confidently through the knowledge of who Jesus is and what He has accomplished in the past and what He will accomplish in the future.

2. Because He Lives

The Gospel Song of the Year winner in 1974, this relatively new hymn was cowritten by Gloria and Bill Gaither and has become one of the most requested additions to Sunday morning setlists and church hymnals due to its soaring melody and powerful message.

3. Up From the Grave He Arose

Sometimes called Low in the Grave He Lay, this seemingly simple song has been a favorite among worshipers on Easter morning since its composition by Robert Lowry in the 19th century.

4. Give Us Clean Hands

When he was a young worship leader, Charlie Hall wrote this heartfelt prayer one Saturday night while he meditated on Psalms 24, and then he led his church the next day in the song he'd been moved to create.

5. Nothing but the Blood

Due to its well-known and easy-to-sing nature, this hymn is a great choice for seniors to begin impromptu sing-alongs with their fellow believers.

6. Shall We Gather at the River

Also known simply as At the River, this popular 1864 hymn invites believers to come together before the throne of God and praise as one.

7. The Bells Are Ringing

In Exodus 28:33-35, golden bells along the hem of the high priest's robe are described as ringing when Aaron moves while entering and leaving the Holy of Holies. Ray Boltz, in this 1999 tune, captures the comfort this sound brought to those nearby and applies it to the reassurance that Jesus's sinless life, sacrifice and resurrection provides to believers today.

8. Jesus Paid It All

Originally scratched down on the pages of a hymnal during a church service, this Scripture-based song has been a favorite of Christians for more than 150 years.

9. King of Glory

Third Day's King of Glory has been a hit on the radio and in churches since it was released in the year 2000.

10. Holy, Holy, Holy

Composed in 1861 by Reginald Heber, this timeless melody transforms the scene described in Revelations chapter four into a song of praise and hope.