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Family Testimonials


Mariel and Olin Rosenbaum, Bethesda Gardens Residents

"For me the greatest benefit of having my parents at Bethesda Gardens is peace of mind,” says Beverly Lundberg. The 24/7 care of their needs... I see my parents socializing again. In fact, they call me and tell me that they are excited about the entertainment coming into the community that day. Both my husband and I have felt the family feeling at Bethesda Gardens. Now my parents are eating right, feeling at home and life for them is much more enjoyable. They really appreciate the exercise groups and all the new friends they have made. Now when I see them, we go out and do fun things we like to do instead of the “necessary” things that have to be done. That is a big relief for me, I was always in favor of them being taken care of 24/7 – what has pleasantly surprised me is all the other ways all of our lives have improved. We could not be happier with our decision to have my parents live at Bethesda Gardens."

Beverly Lundberg, daughter of Mariel and Olin Rosenbaum, Residents of Bethesda Gardens Assisted Living Community, Fort Worth, TX


June Winters, Bethesda Gardens Memory Care Community Resident

"Bethesda Gardens Memory Care Facility of Fort Worth has provided me and my sister a peace of mind and comfort for which we are most grateful. Two years ago we lost our father. Our mother, June Winters, then developed severe Alzheimer’s. We sought a place that could assist our mother with her daily living and allow us to work and maintain our daily lives as best we could. Bethesda Gardens Assisted Living and Memory Care became that place.

Since moving our mother to the Memory Care facility, she has blossomed into a content and happy person. Our mother has a new family with daily routines that allow her to function at her very best with such a disease as Alzheimer’s. We are very grateful for a facility such as Bethesda Gardens Memory Care."

Rebecca Plunk, Daughter of Resident, June Winters, Fort Worth, TX


Janet Dillon is a daughter of resident Alice MacDonald. When asked why she chose Bethesda for her mom, she answered, “Up until a few years ago, I knew nothing about assisted living facilities. I’m of the generation that you visit your grandparents in a place where one goes to await the inevitable. But, Bethesda provides a beautiful, hotel-like atmosphere, warm, bright, fancy and very comfortable. The balconies are a nice touch and the dining room is very inviting. The rooms have huge closets with ample storage, and the bathrooms are large and wheelchair-friendly. The staff is especially friendly and helpful, and they remember the residents’ names. The caregivers pay attention to their likes and dislikes. Everyone at Bethesda pays special attention to the residents’ emotional as well as medical needs. I’m in the medical profession so I pay close attention, and the nursing staff are on the ball! I’m impressed! The variety of activities is also great! Transportation for shopping, concerts and banking are all available.”

Why did she choose Bethesda? “One Sunday morning, my husband and I visited Bethesda and we met the sweetest lady sitting on the front porch. She told us she was from Philadelphia and has lived at Bethesda for months. She was happy, smiling and so positive about her ‘new home.’ Someone who worked at Bethesda took the time to show us around and was so happy and loved her job, and this spoke volumes about Bethesda Senior Living. Bethesda is a gorgeous facility for senior living communities and a whole lot more!”

About Janet Dillon, Daughter of Resident Alice MacDonald


“We thought the day would never come, but mom and dad decided it was time to start looking for assisted living. We came to look at Bethesda Gardens and our parents came to the conclusion that this was the place for them. They loved the way it looked and liked the size of Bethesda Gardens. They found the staff to be friendly and thought if felt like home.

Our parents' life has improved greatly since coming to Bethesda Gardens because they are eating three meals daily and have become more outgoing. My brother, sister, and I are so happy they made this choice. We don’t have to worry about mom falling and not having anyone around to hear her. The fact they are never alone is also very comforting. At Bethesda, mom and dad still have a level of independence.”

Judith Eberle, Daughter of Jim & Nadine Smith, Bethesda Gardens Residents


“We chose ViewPointe because after looking at a number of other facilities it had a welcoming atmosphere. It was apparent from the very beginning. The staff was so friendly, and then as we toured around we found that ViewPointe had all the features that my father-in-law needed. And we looked at a lot of places! We really enjoy the free flow in—when we come in we sign in and the staff makes an effort to know the family members and really to try to understand what the needs of the family of the residents are. It’s a little different than the large corporate feel you get some places. Some of the places we didn’t get the feeling that it was home for the residents - it was just another place to live in their ending years.” 

Paul, Loved One living at ViewPointe


“We are very pleased with the facility and the staff. It gives me peace of mind that she is well-cared for. The staff is the biggest thing – they are loving and caring and I know they have her best interests at heart. She’s just really blossomed since coming to ViewPointe. She loves the people and loves the activities, particularly the music – I don’t think she’s ever missed a concert! She loves the surprise trips in the van Terry takes them on and loves the faith-based atmosphere. It’s a great place for people to get involved and connected and supported and loved.” 

Pam, Mother lives at ViewPointe