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From Our Staff

The advantages of a career with Bethesda Senior Living go far beyond salary and benefits.  Take a walk in our employee’s shoes and see first- hand the rewards they receive each day in caring for our residents and families.  


Malissa (L), enjoys an outing with an Autumn View Gardens resident

“I was raised by my grandmother, so coming to work at AVG is like saying 'Thank You' for all she has done for me. We have so much fun here, whether we are bowling, playing bingo, or just reminiscing about our lives. At the end of the day, it is hard to go home. The seniors are like my extended family; I am glad to be part of their lives. This past year and half has been so rewarding.”

Malissa Snodgrass, Autumn View Gardens Staff Member


“I like working with the staff and the management and most of all, I love the residents and their families! The most rewarding part of my job is when I can assist a resident with a problem and help them and they are happy. I wanted to join the staff at Broadmoor Court because I thought it would be an opportunity for me to grow, and I have grown with my career. I have learned a lot working with the nurse and I love it here!”

Lavonya, Broadmoor Court Employee for 6 years, Colorado Springs, CO


Susan has been at Cambridge Court for almost two years. Coming to Cambridge Court was a change from her previous field in hotel management for 26-years. She has really enjoyed working here, as it is like having a second family. Everyday she comes to work she learns something new, and has enjoyed getting to know the residents as well as most of their families. She appreciates how the residents are thankful for what the staff does for them, creating a family-type community.

About Susan B., Cambridge Court Housekeeping


Stacey has been with Cambridge Court for a year and a half. She loves that being here at Cambridge Court allows her to do hands-on nursing care. Her previous employment in doctors' offices and management didn’t allow her to utilize the skills she's passionate about like she has been able to at Cambridge Court. She enjoys the fact that each morning is a new opportunity, and Stacey commented, “it is never the same around here everyday.”

About Stacey B., Cambridge Court Nursing


"It is very true that you can learn a lot from those older than you. I’ve been given the opportunity as the new Activities Director at Bethesda Gardens Memory Care in Fort Worth to learn this lesson very well. Working with older adults is more than just dominoes and bingo... for me it’s about building strong relationships and listening as residents share their wonderful stories.

Every resident has an amazing lifetime of stories to tell... places they’ve been, family and friends they love dearly, careers and community clubs where they’ve served, and many more. Some have stories of war and hard times. Others have hilarious stories about raising their children, while some share job stories of where they worked and things they’ve accomplished. Most every resident speaks of their parents, so I ask them stories about their childhood and what it was like to grow up in their day. I never grow tired of hearing their amazing stories! Some days I try to keep count of how many times I say “Really?” or “WOW!” during their stories. One thing is for certain... I don’t have a boring job!

The reality of my job is that I know the day may come when these same precious residents can no longer remember their amazing lifetime stories due to the effects of Alzheimer’s and dementia. That is why I continue to stir their memories now and learn what I can to make stronger connections with each of them. There are times when they can’t remember, but since I’ve witnessed their stories I can remind them and the memories return for even a moment.

At Bethesda Gardens Memory Care, I facilitate many more fun activities such as sing-alongs, games and bingo, culinary and baking, gardening, dancing, museum outings, movies, and party times. But none are as rewarding as when we all get together and share our stories. I share my lifetime stories with each of them as well. And some days, when we all get tired of our own stories... we make up silly tall tales! But that’s another story..."

Tina Pace, Activities Director, Bethesda Gardens Memory Care Community, Fort Worth, TX


Cathy Moore has served the Bethesda Community for nine years. She currently serves as a housekeeper, a position she finds very rewarding. She commented, “I find such peace and joy helping residents and co-workers. It’s truly a blessing to work in a faith-based community that promotes the S.E.R.V.A.N.T. attitude.” Her favorite category is the letter “S,” being a good Steward of Life in a Christ-like manner. The “S” could also reflect her love of scrapbooking. There are so many fond memories and moments with the Bethesda family that the size of a studio apartment couldn’t contain her hobby.

Something else to consider are the benefits of the Senior Living Community as it relates to the aging process; a process which involves enriching lives through a nurturing environment. Thank you Bethesda Gardens for nine great years with more to look forward to!

About Cathy Moore, Housekeeping Staff Member


"I find working with our residents to be quite rewarding and they are some of the nicest people you could ever meet. They really appreciate you doing even the smallest thing for them. They all remind me of my grandparents in some way, which makes each of them special to me. This makes me look forward to coming to work each day.

When interviewing with Bethesda Gardens, I was delighted to find out they are a faith-based organization, they have been around for more than 50-years, and they have an excellent reputation for resident care. They treat each employee like family; not just a number on a timecard. Bethesda provides opportunities for learning and growing within the organization and has a 'team' philosophy.
I have been with the organization for close to a year now and can honestly say that this is the best organization I have ever worked for.”

Scott Dixon, Bethesda Gardens Maintenance Director


“I’ve been a Care Manager at Bethesda Gardens for nine years now and can truly say that I am a people person. I like to watch the fun things our residents do and love talking to them. Much of my passion for this work comes from my previous help with taking care of an elderly couple, as well as being a caregiver for my father.

Each day is a new adventure and I so much enjoy listening to the residents share memories from the past. I love seeing how they adapt to all the changes in life, like cell phones and computers, and the funny conversations they have. I simply love what I do at Bethesda Gardens.”

Jan Curtis, Bethesda Gardens Care Manager


“I truly like to help people and enjoy the fact that I can be a friend to our residents. I love helping seniors, and first began my work at Bethesda Gardens as a Care Manager. Now that I am in Culinary Services, I am able to interact with our residents at one of their favorite times of the day, mealtime.

Before coming to Bethesda Gardens, I was told by friends and family that it was a great place to work. I definitely made the right choice and am very happy to be here.”

April Vaughn, Bethsda Gardens Culinary Services


“I came to ViewPointe because I had been working with seniors my whole life and I love working with them! It is a joy making their life more fulfilling. I love the fact that our company is faith-based and non-profit and that the money goes to keeping our communities nice and to support One Child Matters. Several years ago, I had the opportunity to travel to Honduras to see the work we are doing there. My grandfather, father and husband have all been pastors, so it was an easy transition for me to begin serving seniors. The one-on-one interaction I have with our residents is the most rewarding part of my job. Remembering all the little details, birthdays, anniversaries, where someone was born and then helping people make connections is what makes my job worthwhile!”

Cheryl, ViewPointe employee for 4 ½ years